RaceKraft 4x4 Clear-Blue 4 Blade (Set of 4)

RaceKraft 4x4 Clear-Blue 4 Blade (Set of 4)


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RaceKraft Props are made to perform and withstand todays rigorous FPV races. Combined with the unique color combinations, and resilient plastic combinations. 


  • Length 4"
  • Pitch 4"
  • Number of Blades 4
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Weight in Grams 4grams per prop
  • Color Clear Blue
  • Rotation CW & CCW
  • Hub ID 5mm
  • Hub thickness 7mm


  • 2x 4x4 4 Blade CW propellers
  • 2x 4x4 4 Blade CCW propellers


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