Thunderbolt 5.8GHz

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That’s right 2000mW!!! If you’re the type that goes big or goes home (not compensating for other shortcomings of course) then this is the end all when it comes to video transmitting POWER!

Boscam arguably makes some of the best FPV gear, and now they have the nicest and most powerful 5.8GHz transmitter we have ever seen. The Thunderbolt has a precision machined housing that plays double duty to keep the transmitter cool with integrated heat sink and internal fan. A clear LCD for channel selection and SMA-RP style antenna connection. The Thunderbolt comes with a ready to use 5 pin cable for power, video and audio connections, and clear instructions with a Duck style Omni antenna. If you have an application that need a bit more range, Boscam quality and reputation are an easy choice