Tattu 1300mAh 4S 45C

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TATTU, a specially designed UAV battery brand, is leading a new understanding of how battery could offer UAV drones more flight time and stability. After tested at a large scale, Tattu comes to the market. With high discharge rate and perfect discharge curve, Tattu makes aerial photography flight time reach a new height; it is liked by many commercial aerial photography companies.


  • Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Type: 4S1P / 14.8v / 4Cell Lithium Polymer
  • Constant Discharge: 75C 
  • Pack Weight: 155g including wires/connector
  • Pack Size: 72 x 36.5 x 29.4mm
  • Charge Plug: JST-XHR
  • Power Connector: XT-60
  • Charge Current: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max (1C = 1.8 Amps charging rate)
  • Watt-hours: 19.2


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