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ESC Siskin with BLHeli_32, a new 32bit generation that provides a smoother and faster response, now ready for DSHOT 1200. New Firmware: BLHeli_32, new code based on BLHeli MCUs: Silabs BB10F8 Generation of PWM signal by hardware refresh 36KHZ, throttle response more smooth and silent. Damped light / synchronous rectification / active freewheeling It supports Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us), Multishot (5-25us), DSHOT 600 and 1200. It automatically detects the ESC, it only needs to be selected in the config of the controller. Synchronization loss protection function. Specifications: Forward Current: 31A Current Peak (10s): 41A BEC: No Lipo: 2s - 4s Programmable: Y Weight: 6.3g (with power and signal cables) Size: 26x14mm Firmware: BLHeli_32