SkyPak FPV Backpack

$259.99 This product will be available soon

When everything else just isn't enough.

– Large to hold up to 450 size multirotor frames
– Little to no disassembly anymore of your frames
– Professional quality materials
– Extremely water resistant with protective cover
– Locking Zippers to prevent anybody from getting into the bag
-Mesh Pocket for Water Bottle


One bag for many multirotor frames.

We worked hard to build a bag that can securely hold your multirotor/drone/quadcopter and be adjustable with braces and supports. The compartments have been reinforced in specific areas on the sides and top to prevent collapse or crushing which has been tested found to hold up to 160lbs with no issues.


Tweak and make it fit your needs

Customize by adding/removing/adjusting the dividers for your gear. We made sure to include plenty of velcro for anything that you want to mount or secure. For the radio or transmitter there are sized dividers to help make for a better fit.


This Backpack is the ultimate flexible platform for your adventures.

-Holds multirotor/drone/quadcopter frames from a size of a mini quadcopter (250 size and up) up to a 450 class (QAV400, DJI 450, TBS Discover, HT Flip or DIY frames) inside the bag for safety, concealment and protection for traveling to your flying spot.
-Carry on size for the airlines
-Lower compartment holds equipment (batteries, battery chargers, power supply), FPV gear and ground station setup
-Laptop pouch with easy access
-Water resistant design and materials with an included rain cover for additional protection from the elements.
-Locking zippers on the main compartments
-Mesh pocket for a water bottle or anything else
-Upper compartment has an adjustable securing strap for your airframe
-Side pouch for items like keys, cell phones (will fit Iphone 6 and 6 plus and any android phone that is the same size)
-Customizable compartments and space with included accessories and dividers
-Convenient Slots on the bag for telescoping boom for video receivers or antenna’s
-Professional grade materials and padding to hold up to wear and tear



Limited Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer has the confidence in this backpack to withstand your daily use that they are going to cover the backpack for its lifetime against flaws in the design.

The bottom compartment of this backpack is designed to carry all your needed FPV and radio control equipment for going flying or just traveling to another place. Most of all, there is room to setup a ground station without having to carry another case or bag

List of items you can carry but not limited to:

-Your radio controller
-Batteries and battery charger
-Small lcd video monitor
-Telescoping boom
-Video receiver from 900 mhz up to 5.8 ghz
-Camera (gopro, gopro accessories, sony action camera, mobius)
-Extra parts: propellers, landing gear, arms
-FPV antenna’s from 900 mhz up to 5.8ghz
-DVR or digital video recorder
-FPV video goggles (fatsharks, headplay, Carl Zeiss, Fox Tech)

Skypak is the ultimate flexible FPV backpack platform for your Atmospheric Adventures.


NOTE: Due to this items weight and size we cannot offer free shipping for this item. It weighs about 12 pounds box and all.