RotorGeeks 12A BLHeli ESC V5

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Complete 4S compatibility with 1960kv / 2000kv / 2300kv motors
V4 brings a new version of BLHeli that has been thoroughly tested to be free of sync issues running 4S on all of the popular miniquad motors up to 2300kv.  That includes Cobra, DYS, Sunnysky, T-Motors and the Micro Titans.  This opens up a whole new world of prop and thrust options.  We've also measured a 5-10% increase in efficiency over previous versions of BLHeli (same thrust, lower current).  The only other change from V3 is that signal wires were lengthened by 2cm to 12cm to accommodate some of the slightly larger quad and hex frames.

18mm wide x 8mm at thickest point x 34mm long (heat shrink edge to edge)
10g with full length wires and heatsink (removable for 1g saving)

We also carry the  RotorGeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V2.

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