QAV250 Angled Motor Mount Extensions

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These aluminum motor mounts extend the arms of the QAV250 enabling mounting of 6" props while also tilting the motors to a 10 degree angle all in a single part. This angled motor mount extension facilitates the QAV250 to fly at a lower angle of attack when performing fast forward flight ("FFF") thereby reducing drag, increasing speed, and keeping cameras more level. The part is light, strong, and machined out of a single piece. The mount attaches to any stock QAV250 airframe with 4 screws. No nuts required. The motor attaches to the angled mount as usual. Patent Pending.


  • Weight Per Mount: 7g
  • Material: Extruded and CNC-Machined Aluminum
  • Color: Anodized Black


  • 2 Left Motor Mount Extensions
  • 2 Right Motor Mount Extensions
  • 16x M3x4mm Motor Mounting Screws
  • 16x M3x6mm Extension Mounting Screws
  • 16x M2x4mm Motor Mounting Screws