Power VI Module, Distribution Board and Dual UBEC All-In-One

$21.99 This product will be available soon


Power distribution and power module in one is simplifying your setup, reducing points of failures and makes for a clean and tidy install. The ALL-in-One has a PDB, Dual 12V and 5.3V UBECs, Voltage and Amperage sensors all integrated on a standardized 45mm mounting package.

The power distribution side is on a standardized 45x45mm mounting size and is rated at 120A of current and more than enough contact points for a Octocopter. The dual Ubec’s are 12V and 5.3V respectively, for the Flight controller and 12V aux gear such as FPV. The Amp and voltage sensor are compatible with FC and APM/Pixhawk FC with the standardized 6 pin connector. The ALL-IN-ONE is 10s capable as well for HV application or right at home with 3s setups too.

PDB/12V and 5.3V UBECs/V and A Sensors all in one
120A capable
10s capable
16 power contact outputs 8+ 8-
Standardized sizing
APM/Pixhawk compatible

PCB Current: 120A outputs (MAX)
UBEC output current :2.5A
Power input: 2 x contact points 
Power output: 16/8 x contact points and 2 for 12V UBEC 5.3V on the 6 Pin Plug
Dimensions: 50x50x5mm, Mounting 45x45
Weight: 11.6g