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MiKratos Details

This 2.5-inch stretched-X micro brushless beauty is a mini-me version of Paul Nurkkala's Kratos designed by The Short Crayon. Featuring the same elements as the full-size version of the Kratos, the Mi Kratos will support micro-size build components. Mounting supports 20mm boards and 11-size motors. The best option for video is a Tiny Whoop-Style Camera-VTX-Antenna Combo. 

MiKratos Specifications

2mm Bottom Plate: 10g

1.5mm Top Plate: 1g 

2mm Front Guard: <1g

2mm Back Guard: <1g

Recommended Build Parts

Recommended Build Parts

Flight Controller: Lumenier MICRO LUX F4 or PICO BLX

Camera/VTX/Antenna:Lumenier AIO-200 Mini FPV Camera + 200mW VTX or 25mw FX797T Camera/VTX/Antenna

Motors: DYS BE1102 10000KV or DYS BE1102 7800KV OR... DYS BE1104 4000KV

ESCs: Cicada BLHELI - S 4-in-1 10A Brushless ESC

Props: DYSXT2030s or Gemfan Quadblade 2035BN (Unbreakables)

Receiver: FuriousFPV LR1000 or  FrSky XSR (If you can fit it in your build)

Batteries: Currently the only battery we carry that is compatible with this set up is the Gens Ace 3S 450 mAh. But we have more options coming soon!