Little Bee ESC Programmer

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This is for the LIttleBee ESC here.

Program your Littlebee ESC using this. Use for Silabs ESC's with BLHeli bootloader through your computer's USB port. 


Steps to Program your ESC: 

Make sure you download and install the BLHeli Suite software from HERE

Once downloaded, run BLHeliSuite.exe to launch the programming software.  

Click "Select ATMEL/SILABS Interface" drop down menu and choose "SILABS BLHeli Bootloader (USB/COM)"

You are now ready to connect your Flasher to your PC, and flash your ESCs!

Connect the Servo Signal cable to the USB Flashing tool, then plug the USB tool into your Computer.

Apply Battery voltage to the ESC. 

Click on the "Connect" button in BLHeli Suite. 

Click on the "Read Setup" button in BLheli Suite to see all of the current settings saved on the ESC.

For most setups the majority of settings you remain unchanged. But, there are a few items to check.

Oneshot - This setting will not be listed anywhere on the BLheli GUI. This is because Oneshot is automatically detected by your ESC. The location you need to activate Oneshot is within your FC software (Cleanflight, Baseflight, etc).

Startup power - This one is VERY important. Make sure to set your startup power at .25 (1/4) or lower. 

Motor direction - Set this to change the rotational direction of your motor, if needed. 
PWM Frequency / Damped  - This setting is where you accomplish "damped light" everyone talks about! Setting to damped light actively brakes the motor on throttle reduction from your transmitter. This allows you to change altitude very quickly during flight, which is a huge advantage in racing applications. 
After adjusting the settings, you MUST click "Write Setup" or your settings will not take effect.