Little Bee 30AMP ESC

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If you are running little bee esc please be sure to use a stepdown and filters on video equipment. All of our V2 quads have the option to buy a special PDB board to fix all issues and clear up video interferance at all from bees or any other esc.


  • Constant: 30 Amps
  • Burst: 40 Amps
  • Weight: 12g w/wires
  • Dimensions: 34x17.5x3mm
  • MCU: Silabs F390
  • BEC: None


  • LittleBee is using Silabs processor and fast dedicated driver chips, providing excellent freewheeling and exceptional brakign capabilities.
  • We're only using the best components available, period. And, as we build these in our own factory, our experienced staff ensures you're getting the best of the best!
  • We know that with mini quads, every gram counts. LittleBee is only  24.5x12.5mm, and weights only 4g, enabling your builds to be even smaller and lighter!


To unleash it's full potential, LittleBee has been designed to run BLHELI firmware. Factory flashed with BLHELI 14, it's ready for action!


  • Oneshot125 is a different and faster communication protocol between the flight controller and the ESC on your quadcopter. It allows the FC to send control commands to the motor quicker, therefore in theory your multirotor should perform better.


30A 3-6S

  • Capable of running 3s and 4s setups, LittleBee can work with up to 30A continuous load, and 40A peak (10s).



  • This feature allows your motors to respond to throttle decreases much quicker, allowing for more stable flying, and higher response to throttle decreases.



  • With the BLHELI software rapidly evolving, you can flash the lastest firmware using the 3pin connector and suitable USB adapter

Once connected, you will get access to a number of settings that control behaviour of your ESC controller.

Enable OneShot125, Damped light mode, reverse motor direction, all available on one easy to use screen.