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The Atmospheric Adventures Kratos is a pure racing machine. The designer, Bulbufet, originally set out to create an airframe that he wanted to fly and solves all of the major issues that he has had with existing options. The two primary concerns were (1) lowering the camera towards the ground while still protecting it against damage in crashes, and protecting the VTX from all possible damage that would be caused by an antenna taking a large hit. Beyond that, thinking about the Kratos as a racing machine, we decided to support 5” and 6” propellers, and develop it as a “stretch-x” quadcopter frame, which is the ultimate racing form-factor.


  • 4mm single plate. The struts both on front and back will help disperse impact that would cause breaks at the stem of the arm to send shock through both arms, preventing major damage to electronics or frame.
  • The “cow catcher” and back arm strut are removable and replaceable. You have the option to take them off. That being said, if you do run them and break them in a crash, you can easily drop a new strut in without the need to replace the entire frame.

6" Stance

  • By having a wider stance, pushing the props/motors out further, we create a more stable platform. The fulcrum of the lever that the motors have on the entire quadcopter frame is out further, and so each motor’s thrust has greater impact on the stability of the machine. This also gives you the option to run 6” propellers as well.

Camera Positioning

  • We’re dropping the camera down inside the bottom plate, so as to bring the pilot perspective further down in line with the COT (center of thrust), which gives the pilot a better sense of control and feel relative to where the airframe is in 3d space.
  • The camera is also nearly at ground level, which means that you are more aware of your height off the ground.
  • Camera mounting height can be lowered or raised more or less depending on pilots’ desired camera angle. 

Lower Top Plate

  • The standoffs are currently set at 25mm.
  • Lowering the center of mass lower into the thrustline creates a machine that flies on rails.


While all quadcopter frames are unique, this design was heavily influenced by elements of other frames on the market, and we just wanted to leave room to recognize the other designs. This market thrives on sharing of information and designs, and we want to make sure that the influencers are recognized.


  • Base Plate 4mm Thick - 64.3g
  • Back Cross Strut 4mm - 5g
  • Front Cow Catcher 4mm - 3.3g
  • Camera Side Plate 1.5mm - 1.5
  • VTX Mounting Plate 1.5mm - 1.6g
  • Antenna Holder 1.5mm 0.8g
  • Top Plate 1.5mm - 6.3g
  • Nuts/Screws/Standoffs 11.6g
  • Totatl Weight 95.1g


  • 1x Base Plate
  • 1x Back Cross Strut
  • 1x Front Cow Catcher
  • 2x Camera Side Plate
  • 1x VTX Mounting Plate
  • 1x Top Plate
  • 1x Atmo Simple PDB


Replacement Parts