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The official HD quadcopter of the Multi GP National's spec race, the 222mm X-configuration Hercules was one of the first FPV quadcopter frames specifically designed from the ground up around the Connex Prosight HD system. It features a 4mm solid bottomplate and includes 3-D printed mounting options for the HD antenna's, so you're not forced to fly with the whale-tail provided by Connex. Like all new Atmo quadcopter frames the Hercules arms have knuckles to protect your motors. 


4mm Bottom Plate

1.5 mm Top Plate

1.5mm Whale-tail mount

1.5mm xt60 plate

1.5mm camera plates

222mm X configuration


3-D printed antenna mounts

3-D printed vtx mount


5x 2x8 stainless steel screws

5x M2 lock nuts

10x 35mm standoffs

10x 8mm stainless steel screws

10x 6mm stainless steel screws

1x Atmo simple PDB

1x Atmo Battery strap

1x xt60

1x wires

1x tpu pdb pad