Gemfan 2035BN Purple 4Blade 2L2R (Unbreakables)

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Gemfan 2035BN Details:

The Gemfan 2035BN Unbreakables really live up to their name. After dozens of test flights in our warehouse headquarters with our Ares Mini, bouncing off every obsticle we could, they still would not break. And even after bending them back after a crash they still flew better than expected. However, don't expect to always be able to pop right up after a crash. They seem unbreakable, but they bend easier than the DYS 2-inch prop we also have for sale. Choose your prop for your environment. This is still an incredible prop that out of the bag out performs anything we've tested to date. 

Note: Does not fit Emax Babyhawk motors.

Gemfan 2035BN Specifications: 

Brand: Gemfan
Item Name: 4-Blade Propeller
Item No.:2035BN Square Hole
Material: Durable composite
Quantity: 1 Pair(2 X CW 2 X CCW)
Size:2 Inch
Center Aperture:3mm
Mounting Hole: 1.5mm
Center thickness: 5mm
Blade width: 7.8mm
Color: Purple
Usage For: 0806 Motor
Recommend Parts: 0806 6200KV Motor
80-90mm Frame kit
2S-(3S according to our testing) Li-po

Package content 2 X CW 4-Blade Propeller
2 X CCW 4-Blade Propeller