Flyduino Kiss Carrier Mini Power Distribution 24A Version

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The Flyduino Kiss Carrier Board allow a clean build of the power supply.
This version aims  for H-Quad Race Drones/Copters.
4 KISS 24A RE ESC can be mounted directly on the PDB.
The signal lines are then recombined at a comfortable row.

So called RECOM (high-quality small switching power supplies) can be installed on the PDB, for example, 5V to provide power for an OSD or a camera.

Holes: 3x3cm (3.2mm holes)
Size: 99.5x45mm
Weight: 10g
Amps: 120A +
PCB with 1.6mm thickness

5V Recoms:
Kompatibel sind alle nach 7805 Festspannungsregler Typ ausgelegten Regler.

Manual v1.0 for the KISS PDB

Connection Cable for KISS FC