FatShark 5.8GHz Receiver Module For Dominators

$43.99 This product will be available soon

This 5.8ghz FPV Video/Audio Receiver Module from Fat Shark, is the perfect addition to one's Dominator Goggles. With this receiver you do not need to have any external video receiver. This helps eliminate tether wires going to the goggles giving one the freedom to move around without wires.

This module fits into the Dominator on the side of the goggles and works perfectly with ImmersionRC's or FatShark's 5.8ghz video transmitters.

  • 5740ghz
  • 5760ghz
  • 5780ghz
  • 5800ghz
  • 5820ghz
  • 5840ghz
  • 5860ghz