DYS BE1104 6500KV Micro Brushless Motor

$10.99 This product will be available soon


These 1104 6500kv motors from DYS are the perfect combination for our Micro Brushless frames the Ares Mini, Aeolus Mini and MiKratos. This 11-sized motor is a match made in heaven for the Gemfan 2035 props we sell. Made to run on 2S or 3S, this motor really finds its potential on the new Zeus Juice 444mAh 3S (coming soon!), however, if you're trying to fly indoors try our Zeus Juice 444mAh 2S (Coming soon!).


  • KV: 6500
  • Configuration: NP
  • Stator Diameter: 11mm
  • Stator Length: 5mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ14×12.5mm