Cinemizer Ski Goggle Mod

$34.99 This product will be available soon


This is a laser cut, black Delrin lens to hold Cinemizer Goggles in a Bolle Y6 Ski Goggle/Mask. The Cinemizer Ski Goggle Mod includes only the laser cut delrin lens that fits in the Bolle Y6 Ski Goggles and also includes a laser cut piece of 3mm black felt to replace the ski goggle's black foam on the top which lets in too much light.The Cinemizer Ski Goggle Mod does not include the ski goggles, the base holder, or the Cinemizer goggles. It requires assembly and to void your Cinemizer's warrantee by taking it apart and removing the temples. Please see the details on the page at about how to obtain the ski goggles and other details. The laser cut lens was developed for the Cinemizer OLED goggles, but is said to be the same for the current Cinemizer Plus goggles.