Boscam 5.8GHz SMA Cloud Spirit Antenna Set

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This Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Antenna Set is designed for use in FPV applications. They are a refined version of the traditional "clover-leaf" FPV antennae but are now housed in a RF transparent dome. This offers better looks and excellent protection. They are bendable, easy to setup and use standard SMA connectors. Package comes in a pair that includes one antenna each for transmitter and receiver.

TxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with three lobes
RxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with four lobes
Gain: TxA 1.1dBi / RxA 1.4dBi
SWR: 1.2.:1, Tuned for 5645-5945Mhz
Polarization: RHCP, Right Hand Circular Polarization
Connector: SMA
Length: TxA 78.5mm, RxA 98.8mm
Weight: TxA 10.3g, RxA 11.5g