BNF Aeolus Mini 2-inch w/1102s (FrSky) (OSD)

$179.99 This product will be available soon



This build includes the prop ring.

After many requests we have finally made the Aeolus Mini available as a semi-ready-to-fly-quad! This micro brushless is super durable, as we've put them through the ringer at Atmo head quarters bashing them off metal shelves and hard floors thousands of times with very minimal hardware damage. Combined with Atmo's new Zeus Juice line of XT30 75C 2S and 3S 444mAh batteries (coming soon!), this micro will out perform anything under 3-inches you've flown before. All of the ready-to-fly versions of this micro will come with a base tune we all fly with, which you may feel free to change. We will also make sure all motors are working before it is shipped in the mail to you. 


Aeolus Mini BNF w/1102s (FrSky) edition. Comes fully loaded with the standard Atmo Micro Brushless line up of All-in-one 200mw micro cam, 10A Cicada 4-in-1 ESC,Sunrise Model F3 flight controller with OSD, Frsky XM, and the DYS BE1102 10000kv motors.