Aura 5" True X

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185mm Ride

The Aura, rightly named after the Titan Goddess of the Breeze and the fresh, cool air and just like it, this frame will cut through the air, with chamfered edges, and will withstand some of the toughest crashes.

The Aura is cut out of T700 carbon, yes, that's right, the good stuff. With over twice as many fibers than the 3K, which is what most frames out there are cut in right now, this stuff is strong. With a stronger, stiffer carbon you transfer less vibrations to your stack.

Designed around the pilot's needs, we offer 4 versions of the pod and 11 different colors to choose from: small and large also whether its for a 20x20 or 30x30 stacks.

Not looking like any other frame out there, we shaved off as much weight as possible, while maintaining it's strength. The arms all meet at the center with a lap joint locking them into place as well and lastly securing them with two M3 screws and M3 nuts.

CAN FIT  BOTH 20mmx20mm & 30mmx30mm STACK!



4x (2L2R) Arms:

5mm Thick

10mm Wide

1x Bottom Plate

1x Mid Plate

1x Strap


1x Your hoice of 20x20mm or 30x30mm TPU PDB Spacer

1x Your choice of colored pod

7x M3 Lock Nuts

5x 16mm Stainless screws

8x M3 Stainless Nuts

5x Stainless Screws

5x 10mm Stainless Screws

9x M3 Nylon Nuts

5x 20mm Nylon Scews

5x M3 5mm Hex Nylon Spacers

5x 20mm Stainless Screws