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The ATMO Simple PDB is a 36mm power board designed by our team and manufactured for us by SimplePDB. It has 2 layers of 2 oz copper so it can handle the current needed for today's multirotors. 100 amps is no problem for this board as we've pushed beyond that with a 6S 2213 setup with no problems. The ability to put two pololu on if need be and the ease of being able to change a pololu instead of your entire PDB is a bonus with this design. Also allows you to use JST pins and plugs, or you can direct solder your camera, video transmitter, and microphone to the board eliminating extra wires and helping for a solid connection. Also available are connections for 6 LEDS, JST pins or solder, at full lipo power. Having all these seperate connections make changing components easy, as each component has it's own connection. No more having to unsolder your ESC when you break an LED.

5V Pololu here

12V Pololu here


36mm square PDB with 30.5mm mounting holes

2 oz Copper

1.75mm thick


One Atmo Simple PDB