Ares 4"

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Atmospheric Designs is proud to finally release Ares (the Greek god of war and armor).


This 185mm modified X frame comes with 5mm thick arms, 3mm bottom plate and a 2mm top plate.

The top and bottom plates are cut to allow an insane 90 degree camera tilt when using either the enclosed 20mm or 35mm standoffs.

On the rear of the craft there is a notched receptacle for the included XT60 pigtail as well as two choices of VTX mount locations.


  • Weight 4mm arm 10.3g
  • 3mm bottom plate 23.4g
  • 2mm top plate10.9g
  • 1.5 arm doubler 3.7g
  • 1.5mm rear bulkhead 20mm 1.2g - rear bulkhead 30mm 2.3g
  • 1.5mm camera mount plate 20mm1.3g - rear bulkhead 30mm2.5g


Living up to its name, Ares will be victorious in many battles.


 Ares frame kit:

  • 4ea         4mm arms
  • 1ea         3mm bottom plate
  • 1ea         2mm top plate
  • 1ea         1.5mm arm doubler
  • 2ea         1.5mm rear bulkhead (20mm and 25mm)
  • 4ea         1.5mm  camera mount plates (20mm and 35mm)
  • 1ea         Simple PDB
  • 1ea         XT60 pigtail
  • 1ea         Battery strap
  • 1ea         Hardware kit for 20mm AND 35mm builds  

We also carry the Ares 5" and the Ares 6" frames.

We carry the following Frame Accessories/Replacement Parts for the Ares 4":