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Join the Hex hype train with a frame featuring the best carbon on the market! Atmo's AeroNaut is a 3-inch Hex with a 4mm bottomplate. Pair this frame with the correct motors and escs and you'll have yourself a screamer. 


4mm Bottom Plate: 51g

1.5mm Top Plate: 4g

1.5mm Battery Strap Plates: 2g

1.5mm Camera Plates: 1g each


5x 35mm Standoffs

5x M3x8 Aluminum Screws

5x M3x6 Aluminum Screws

5x M3x16 Stainless Screws

8x M3x8 Stainless Screws

5x M3x6 Stainless Screws

5x M3x10x6

10x M3 Nylon Nuts

4x Big Orings