230mAh 1S Lipo HV Battery (8PCS)

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This battery is the standard for Tiny Whoop pilots to power the upgraded motor. This is the best one out there. With the JST-PH 2.0 connector (AKA PowerWhoop connector). It is also great safety fits Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Nano CPX, Blade mCX, Blade mCX2 etc.

About High Voltage

AKA LiHV battery or HV Lipo battery.It can be charged to either standard voltage (4.2v, 230mah) or high voltage (4.35v, 250 mah).This battery will give you higher rpms (more power) and a considerably longer flight time.


Lihv battery


About JST-PH 2.0 Connector

AKA PowerWhoop connector.With this connector, you will experience more power and longer flight times from the same size battery!

PowerWhoop Connector


  • Item: 1S Lipo Battery
  • Rate: 30C
  • Dimension: 54mm * 12.5mm * 6.0mm
  • Weight: 6.3g/per unit
  • Capacity: 230mAh


8 * 230mAh HV Tiny Whoop battery with PowerWhoop Connector