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Kratos [3005]


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  • David E. Jul 25, 2017
    Why I enjoy the Kratos
    I have been flying the kratos since it was released and I do we some negative comments as a competitive pilot I use the kratos v1 for competition. Yes there are weak points just like any frame built. But everything is made to break sometime. I probably went through 10 frames but due to my piloting skills I don't blame the frame for breaking and with the cooperation with the owners they are gladly cutting more v1's until the v2's are ready. So I give this frame a thumbs up...
  • Devin S. Jun 15, 2017
    Yet another front arm for the Kratos
    I wrecked and went to get my quad. The front right arm was hanging down and I couldn't believe it. It's so fragile right where the camera slot and 2 bolts go through the frame. You think for 90 bucks I could get a replacement that's updated or a refund. So weak.
  • Jerimiah C. Apr 25, 2017
    Chalk up another cracked frame at the arms. Crashed in the dirt, didn't expect this kind of damage and now that the model and replacement parts are discontinued - off I go to Armattan.
  • Joseph B. Mar 13, 2017
    Love the look, but the front arms are fragile.
    I love the low profile look of this frame, and it produces very clean builds. That said, due to hole placement where the front arms meet the body of the frame, there isn't much material to prevent the frame from shattering during a crash. Being unibody, this means the entire baseplate needs to be replaced. I just recently crashed into 6" of dead grass from about 30' up and that was enough to break an arm off.
  • Brent S. Dec 30, 2016
    I had high hopes but thats all it was.
    I just finished building the Kratos frame. I was in love with the ideas that Paul put together and it just looked like an all around winner. I can say this much I have only flown the frame once and that was it. She exploded after its maiden after hitting concrete from 50 ft up face first. I know what you are thinking well DUH its going to break something right? It didn't just break, both front arms completely broken off. The cam mount that's supposed to help protect the cam didn't help at all. The smile plate was missing and the cam shattered. The top and bottom plate both broke free from the standoffs. I have crashed plenty of frames in my FPV adventures this was BY FAR the worst damage I have ever seen in ANY of the 10+ frames I have purchased. I would leave a picture of the carnage up here but I cant. You can see it on my instagram if you like though infidel_fpv. I loved the ideas Paul just the stress of a crash in a uni-body this large is too much for it. If this was a unit where arms can be fitted to a bottom plate ill bet we are talking a new ball game then.
  • Chuck D. Dec 28, 2016
    Love how it flies, love the struts more than I thought I would
    I wasn't sure what I thought about the struts sticking out, it is great way to secure the antenna and protect the camera. After getting the Kratos (I had BulBufet himself build mine) I was really impressed with how sleek and centered the profile of the quad is and those struts were very strong feeling. I like how they can be removed, so depending on how you hit, you may only need to be replacing a small piece of CF.

    It flew amazing with the setup Paul had put on with the F60 motors and 5051 Racekraft props.