QAV250 6" Carbon Fiber Extensions

QAV250 6" Carbon Fiber Extensions


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The Lumenier Carbon Fiber motor mounts extend the arms of the QAV250 enabling mounting of 6" props. The effective M2M size is 300mm. 16x19mm footprint motors can be attached to the extensions. (Most commonly found in 22xx sized motors) This extension will work with most mini multirotors using the same motor mounting holes.


  • Weight Per Mount: 5g (9g including hardware)
  • Material:3mm 3k Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Carbon Fiber


  • 4x 3mm Carbon Fiber Extensions
  • 16x M3x12mm Extension Mounting Screws
  • 16x M3 Locknut


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QAV250 6" Carbon Fiber Extensions