QAV Board Camera Mount (32mm)

QAV Board Camera Mount (32mm)


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Need a way to mount your 32mm board camera to the QAV400 or othe compatible airframes? This custom fit acrylic camera mount is perfect for just about any 32mm board camera. Weighing a total of 11 grams (hardware included), this allows you to save weight compared to a heavy metal case and still protect your camera while mounting it securely.

The mount is designed with a cutout at the top, still allowing you to run velcro through the frame plate to secure your GoPro camera above.


  • 3x precision laser cut acrylic pieces
  • 2x m3x6 mounting screws and nuts
  • 4x m2x20 camera mounting screws and nuts


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday, September 23, 2015.