Tiger Motor Air Gear 200 2650kv (Motors, Props)

Tiger Motor Air Gear 200 2650kv (Motors, Props)

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The Air Gear 200 2650kv set showcases the quality that Tiger Motors is known for. These motors and were selected specifically for multirotors and sold together at a discount. This set is the perfect power train for 200-250 size multi-rotors that can run a 5 inch propeller. This set includes:


4x AIR2205 2650kv motors

4x T5045 props





KV : 2650kv

Motor Dimensions(Dia. x Len) : Φ27 x 15.7mm

Weight (g) : 28.4g

No.of Cells (Lipo) : 2~3S (7.4V ~ 11.1V)



Diameter / Thread Pitch : 5 x 4.5 inch

Weight : 4 g (with self-tightening motor cap)

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SKU 6232

Manufacturer Tiger Motors


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Tiger Motor Air Gear 200 2650kv (Motors, Props)