2.5mm Wide Angle Lens

2.5mm Wide Angle Lens


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This is a 12mm threaded 2.5mm lens that will fit the Lumenier CM-650, CS-600 Super, CU-690 Ultra and most other common CCD cameras. This lens will give you an very wide view, approximately 145 degree field of view (as opposed to the approximately 115 degree field of view from a 2.8mm lens).


  • Focal-Length (mm) 2.5mm
  • Angle of  view(AOV) 100Deg
  • Aperture (F) F2.0
  • Mount 12 X 0.5
  • Format (Inch) 1/3
  • M.C.D (M) 0.1
  • Dimension (mm) 14 X 15.2
  • Gross Weight (g 4.5
  • IR-Sensitive
  • IR-Block


  • 2.5mm Wide Angle Lens


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2.5mm Wide Angle Lens