IBCrazy Madmushroom Micro Antenna (RHCP)

IBCrazy Madmushroom Micro Antenna (RHCP)


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The Madmushroom is a Circularly Polarized Omni-Directional antenna. Primarily used by FPV Operators as a receive antenna due to its High axial ratio and uniform radiation pattern, the Madmushroom is also just as well suited to be used as a transmit antenna. Manufactured on a High Quality Mil-Spec Cable, the Madmushroom Micro is durable enough to take hits from gates when flying your Tiny Whoop or other micro FPV platform.


Gain:  1.5dbic
Axial ratio: 0.73
Bandwidth: XX-XXMHz  (It's really wide band!)
Can be used as both transmit and receive antenna.

Right Hand Circular (RHCP)
Package includes

1- Madmushroom antenna


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IBCrazy Madmushroom Micro Antenna (RHCP)