QAV250 CF Vibration Damping Camera Plate

QAV250 CF Vibration Damping Camera Plate


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This carbon fiber vibration damping camera plate will help elimate any vibrations coming from your QAV250 before they get to your camera. The soft silicon bobbins separate the camera plate from the airframe while at the same time absorbing any vibrations. The camera plate takes advantage of the QAV250's top plate's slots allowing you to slide the plate forward or back 18mm. By mounting the camera plate all the way forward you can mount a GoPro camera without any props or frame in view, even in 1080p wide mode.


  • Fully assembled carbon fiber camera plate weighs 17g. (excludes velcro and neoprene)
  • Will fit on G10 QAV250 or Carbon Fiber QAV250.


  • 1x QAV250 CF Vibration Damping Camera Plate
  • 4x white, soft silicon bobbins
  • 8x 3mm hex nuts and lock washers
  • 1x strip of neoprene foam padding
  • 1x strip of velcro to secure your camera


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QAV250 CF Vibration Damping Camera Plate