30cm GoPro-Live Video Out+Charge (Right Angle Connector)

30cm GoPro-Live Video Out+Charge (Right Angle Connector)


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The Lumenier GoPro 30-pin connector provides live video output as well as the ability to charge the camera from a 5v power source (not included). The connector implements over-voltage protection to guard against damaging the GoPro camera when accidentally providing it with more than 5v. This board has a true 90 degree 30 pin connector allowing you to flush mount the board on the back of the GoPro camera. You can also mount the connector to the back of a DIY camera gimbal or GoPro mount via mounting holes. The board's removable cable terminates in a standard servo plug and outputs live video signal (yellow), 5v power in (red), and ground (black) or choose an ImmersionRC / FatShark style connector for a plug and play sollution with either ImmersionRC or FatShark video transmitters.


  • 1x GoPro Live Video Out & Charge board with true right angle connector and over-voltage protection
  • 1x very soft, twisted, silicone cable with either:
    • Servo connector. Choose 20cm, 30cm or 45cm cable length
    • ImmersionRC / FatShark style connector. 30cm


Supports GoPro HERO 1, 2, 3, 3+, (Hero 4*). GoPro Camera must be upgraded to latest firmware!

If using board with GoPro HERO 2 camera new menu item appears where you can playback recorded videos through this boards video out.

Using this board with a FatShark or ImmersionRC Video TX, the servo pins of the cable will need to be resequenced.


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30cm GoPro-Live Video Out+Charge (Right Angle Connector)