RotorGeeks RG20 ESC (4 esc's)

RotorGeeks RG20 ESC (4 esc's)


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Six months in the making, the new RG20 is the ultimate ESC for miniquad racing and freestyle.  The RG20 brings the dependability you've come to expect from Rotorgeeks in a smaller, lighter package, featuring damped light and Oneshot capability.  The design objectives were to be powerful, robust and small (in that order).  After extensive testing and numerous iterations, the RG20 has finally met our standards of performance and reliability.  Not as small as other "20 amp" rated ESCs but in a performance league of its own, with a true power rating and the ability to handle much higher peaks.  The decision to make the ESC slightly bigger than other 20A designs was based on using larger, high current capable FETs and allowing proper heat dissipation for sustained high output.  The RG20 has been tested with 20A continous draw WITHOUT airflow for cooling.  And when we were done with the design, we threw another millimeter onto the board to make direct soldering motor leads that much easier.  Micro-surgery skills not required!  The bare board weighs in at only 4g and measures 20x26mm.

Now available in naked and bullet versions

ESCs are shipped ready to go - shipments on or after Oct 9 are flashed with BLHeli 14.1 and damped light enabled. 
ESCs shipped before August 4 reports as 13.2 because BLHelisuite 14 wasn't out when we flashed them so they had to appear as 13.2 to allow configuration.  To update these, choose the Rotorgeeks RG20 and ignore the warnings, this is the correct firmare.  We highly recommend picking up the USB programmer so you configure and flash new versions of BLHeli as they become available.  Check out the starter pack for a complete kit to get you up and running!

There is a recently discovered bug in the BLHeli 14.0 code that affects throttle calibration if you're not using oneshot mode.  The top end range will default to 2000 rather than the range you set.  Options
1) enable Oneshot and recalibrate (no reason not to use oneshot anyways)
2) if you have the programmer, manually set the PPM Maximum to 1848 (assuming control board has max throttle at 1850)
3) set maximum throttle on the control board to 2000
This bug affects ALL ESCS with BLHeli 14 (not just Rotorgeeks) and was fixed in BLHeli 14.1

Design Features

  • damped light enabled, Oneshot capable (automatic detection)
  • 1.4mm pcb, 4 layer blind pole design, 3oz copper for better heat dissipation (most are 1-1.2mm)
  • large IR 5301 Power pack NFETs (100A spec)
  • composite triode, fast high side switching
  • no bulky electrolytic capacitor
  • based on the Silabs 330 - provides the same bulletproof reliability of the Rotorgeeks 12A and 30A
  • sustains 20A continuous without the need for airflow to (supports frames with hidden ESCs)
  • No internal BEC to eliminate issues associated with heat and overdrawing current for auxillary devices

PCB is 20x26mm, 6mm at its thickest point
4g bare board or 12g with presoldered with 12cm signal wire and 12cm of 18AWG power leads and motor leads (which you'll end up trimming).  With heat shrink it measures 33mn long

Please note, the RG20 is a BEC-less design.  You will need another power source for your flight control board and any other 5v equipment.  We suggest the micro stepdown regulator available preset to 5v with a JST input and JST output that will plug right into the header pins on your flight control board.

BLHeliSuite software is available here and source code here
Many thanks to Steffen and Achim for developing and maintaining this wonderful code and interface.


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RotorGeeks RG20 ESC (4 esc's)