ATAS Pro Mini Power Distribution Board

ATAS Pro Mini Power Distribution Board


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Finding space for electronics has never been easy on a mini-quad. With the new Atas Mini Distribution Board Pro, you can expect to solve this problem and have a super neat setup with key components such as a LC filter already integrated onto the PDB! Designed by hobbyists for hobbyists, this power distribution board is certainly an useful component to have on any aircraft from mini-quads to even the bigger sized quadcopters. 

This is the newest version of the ATAS board.

Easily connect all these to the OSD via servo connectors!

  • FPV Camera (with configurable filtered 5V/12V supply)
  • Video Tx  (with configurable filtered 5V/12V supply)
  • OSD (with filtered source voltagae supply)


  • 2oz copper full plate PCB
  • 3-6S batteries supported
  • 70A constant, 110A burst
  • 36x36X6.5mm with 30.5x30.5mm holes
  • Integrated LC filter
  • 12V step down regulator - 1A with cooling, 500mah without
  • 5V step down regulator - 1A with cooling, 500mah without
  • 5V/12V switch for CCD board camera (filtered power)
  • 5V/12V switch for video transmitter (filtered power)
  • 5V/12V output pads
  • Filtered main battery voltage for OSD
  • OSD bypass switch for no-OSD setups
  • Shunt for OSD video in/out 

Comes with right angle pins


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ATAS Pro Mini Power Distribution Board