Favourite SKY 3 Quattro 4 x 6A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-3S 1A

Favourite SKY 3 Quattro 4 x 6A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-3S 1A


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The Sky 3 Quattro 6Ax4 provides the perfect power solution for your quadcopter by incorporating 4 x 6A ESCs and a BEC into one single unit.

This keeps the wiring to a minimum and allows you to mount this unit in the middle of the frame instead of having to mount an ESC on each arm,  allowing for a neat installation needing only 1 set of battery leads.

The Sky 3 Quattro6Ax4 is loaded with the latest BLHeli software and is packed with user defined features. The Optional USB tool allows you to connect your esc to the Favourite BLHeli GUI software for critical parameter adjustment such as timing and De-Mag compensation for those Hi-KV motors.

Coupled with its ability to operate on 2~3S LiPoly or 5~9 cells Ni-XX, the Sky 3 Quattro 6Ax4 is a very versatile ESC for your multirotor or even a multi-engined aircraft!

The Sky 3 Quattro 6Ax4 keeps things simple by having all of the motor leads pre-installed,leaving the choice of connectors or direct soldering to you.
4 signal leads (one with power) plug directly into your flight controller's ESC output ports to keep things even neater.

• Lei Software (multirotor)
• Compact, all-in-one ESC design
• 4 x 6A output (12A burst)
• Safety arming feature
• Integrated anti-vibration mounts
• Throttle calibration function
• Adjustable low-voltage protection
• 3 Start-up modes
• 5 Timing settings
• Adjustable start-up acceleration
• 6 Brake settings
• Over-heat protection
• Fully programmable via transmitter or USB Link adapter


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