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Drone Racing Megastars

If you’d asked someone twenty years ago if they could envision a world with computer game superstars, they’d probably have said no. Even more crazily, if you’d asked someone even five years ago if...

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Drones Could Help Fight Europe’s Megafires

In 2017, nearly 700,000 hectares of European forest were destroyed by fires. According to a report published by the EU’s Joint Research Centre, the year’s destruction makes up “one of the most devastating wildfire...

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Drone Stuck in a Tree? Here’s What to Do

UAV aficionados across America and around the globe will tell you that almost everything you do with your drone is good fun. Planning and building a multicopter? Fun, fascinating, and immensely rewarding. Learning how...

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How Drones Are Being Used in Agriculture

Drones in agriculture are not an entirely new phenomenon. Farmers have been using drones in a limited capacity since the 1980s. However, the technological limits of drones have changed a lot since then, and...

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Drones Used by Police to Successfully End Standoff

We’ve talked about different drone uses on this blog, from realty photography to light shows. And while drones can be excellent tools for one’s occupation or recreation, they can also save lives. That’s exactly...

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