ATMO Small Battery Strap

ATMO Small Battery Strap


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The Atmospheric Adventures Battery Strap.


We had this strap designed im memory of the exorbitant amount of both really good and really bad straps that we've been though and have passed away to strap heaven. In memory of them we've put what we feel are only the good things together in one strap. The buckles are thicker than most, the strap is covered with silicone on the underside to provide a non-slip grip for your battery, and last but not least, the stitching is top notch. Stitched in a box pattern with an X in the middle, you're not going to need any more stitching than that.


Contains: 3 Small Straps 16X200mm


We also carry the ATMO Medium Battery Strap and the  ATMO Large Battery Strap.


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ATMO Small Battery Strap