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Kratosfs V2

Kratosfs V2


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Download the Session Mount here : www.thingiverse.com/thing:2230676

Building on the features of the original Kratosfs, designed by Bulbufet/Nurk, the KratosFS V2 takes the best features of the Kratos and Kratosfs packs them into a awesome freestyle package. We cut this version in t700 carbon, and if you don't know what that is or means, it means super strong with less vibrations. We chamfered the edges of the top plate, bottom plates and the wholes where the screws go for a smooth finish with counter-sunk screws. The VTX and antenna mounting plates remain very similar to the OG Kratos, but because this is a drone designed for a top-mount battery, we've had to extend the length of the top plate. Doing so required a slightly longer tail, which meant that the rear strut was going to be hard to use. As such, we've given the KratosFS a tail with a zip-tie mount that holds your antennas out of danger. A stubby antenna will offer even further protection. In addition to keeping the back mounting plates, the philosophy of keeping the camera as low as possible into the prop line has remained the same, and we've totally re-vamped the camera plates. Designed to fit the RunCam Swift 2 (with the secondary rotation screws), the plates will not allow your camera to slip in any crash or hard landing. Built into the camera plates are two "horns" that come out the top of the frame. This is intended to be a GoPro Session 5 mount; it allows you to strap a GoPro on without the weight of a TPU mount. BUT don't worry -- if you prefer the protection of a 3d printed mount, a TPU protector will be available that interlocks with the standoffs that hold together the horns, making for one of the most secure GoPro holders we've ever used. Finally, one major issue with the OG Kratos was a fault line at the front two arms. This fault line has been removed, and the frame is no longer unibody. Instead, it's two separate sets of arms that are sandwiched together by two plates creating a 7mm thick center mass that still allows bottom mounted battery straps to be passed through.


- Revolutionary GoPro Mounting for freestyle

- Double plate main body

- Camera mounted on the axis of alierons

- Super Secure VTX and Antenna mounting

- True X design

- 5" props max

- Top & Bottom mounted battery Option

- Many Durability enhancements

- 25mm "slammed" height

- Front "cow-catcher" to protect camera


4mm Front Bottom Plate 33g

4mm Rear Bottom Plate 37g

2mm Top Plate 12g

1.5mm Bottom Locking Plate 5g

1.5mm Top Locking Plate 7g

2mm Camera Plates x2 6g

1.5mm Antenna Plate 2g

1.5mm VTX Plate 2g


  • TPU Pad
  • 5x 25mm Standoffs
  • 5x 28mm Standoffs
  • 5x M3x10mm Counter-sunk Screws
  • 9x M3x8mm Counter-sunk Screws
  • 5x 20mm Stainless Screws
  • 5x 6mm Stainless Screws
  • 5x 12mm Stainless Screws
  • 5x 5mm Nylon Spacers
  • 5x Nylong Nuts
  • 5x O-rings
  • Atmo's NEW 6S HV Smart PDB!!!!

PS: For the Counter-Sunk holes on bottom plate, we have also included the x5 12mm stainless-steel screws that go to the standoffs.


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Kratosfs V2