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Ares Micro

Ares Micro

  • Eric Z. Apr 19, 2017
    Super Tight Super Lite

    First off, I won this frame at a Orlando Chapter MultiGP Race so thanks to Atmo for sponsoring events!
    This frame makes a VERY small and tight build. To build this as a first timer you will need some help. You need to pick the correct parts or they will not fit under the canopy. Once built, this thing screams on 2s and is crazy on 3s. After a good tuning session it will fly like a well built 5 inch scaled down in weight and thrust.

    My Build:
    Ares Mini Frame
    Piko BLX
    12A 4 in 1 20x20 esc
    XM+ Sbus
    VTX02 VTX 200mw
    Small 180 degrees Fisheye CMOS camera 700TVL
    DYS 1104 7000KV motors
    I am trying any prop I can find that fits.