Ares Mini 2.5 inch

Ares Mini 2.5 inch


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This 2.5-inch micro creation comes from the wonderful mind of Atmo's own T.G.O. After taking the time to find the smallest platform possible for brushless motors, while still allowing for a pod that comfortably fits all your micro electronics safely inside. This pod is designed for a micro 3-in-1 Camera-VTX-Antenna combo that uses a dipole. 

Perfectly paired for the new DYS 11-series motors and 4-in-1 10A ESCs this build will be light weight and powerful for its size. 

Disclaimer: DYS may put different size screws in their motor bags. Just because we reccommend motors for a frame does not mean just ram the screws in. ;) Check tolerances and make sure you will not be putting a screw into a winding. People have done this in the past and asked for new motors due to not checking for themselves.


2mm Bottomplate: 9g

TPU Pod: 6g



11x 8mm Nylon Screws

3x M3 Nylon Nuts

5x 6mm Standoffs

4x Big O-rings


Recommended Build Parts

Flight Controller: Lumenier MICRO LUX F4 or PICO BLX

Camera/VTX/Antenna:Super Mini 200mw Micro All-in-one

Motors: DYS BE1102 7800KV or DYS BE1104 6500KV

ESCs: Cicada BLHELI - S 4-in-1 10A Brushless ESC

Props: DYSXT2030s or Gemfan Quadblade 2035BN (Unbreakables)

Receiver: FuriousFPV LR1000 or  FrSky XSR (If you can fit it in your build)

Batteries: Zeus Juice 2S or 3S 444mah batteries. 

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  • mr r. Feb 14, 2018
    Nice sturdy little 2"
    This is a sturdy little frame. I might have to clean it soon because of all the grass stains! It was my go-to flyer last season. That said, it was an extremely tight build under the canopy. I'm using 4-in-1 esc, f3 femto, whoop style AIO vtx, and frsky xm+. I couldn't get it to fit. In the end, I cheated and used nylon spacers in the front and back to raise the canopy ~5mm.
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Ares Mini 2.5 inch