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Ares 6"

Ares 6"

  • Jeff S. May 7, 2017
    A Fantastic Quad and the perfect Acro Freestyle frame.
    There is a good reason that this quad is called the "Alien Killer". While the Alien was and still is a great quad the Ares simply fixes the issues that exist with the Alien. Better camera mounting, a more efficient yet still roomy electronics bay. A lower profile thus giving you a good top heavy Freestyle build with out creating what can be instability on the Alien with the battery having to be mounted way to far above the prop line. With the alien it can be really hard to get smooth rolls and non elliptical camera shots on yaws and rolls etc. The Ares goes a long way toward fixing that with its low profile. You can get very smooth rolls flips etc with this baby. You might have noticed just how fast some of the great freestylers snap rolls, flips etc on their Alien. That's not all about skill and style but because the platform is a little to over balanced and wobbles if the moves are not made fast. With the Ares you can actually get really smooth rolls and flips that do not come across on the camera as wobbling or going really elliptical.

    This baby is SUPER tough also. Just today I came out of a full speed dive to do a low pass I misjudged and slammed into a football field at about 45 degrees with full throttle bouncing this thing violently for 25 yards or more. All it did was throw the battery and screw up my antenna. The frame and everything in it, including the Go Pro and FPV cam were perfectly fine. I could not believe it. Way to go guys!!