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Ares 5" [2901]

Ares 5"

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  • Bruce B. Jul 24, 2016
    Bulletproof racer and freestyle frame
    This frame is awesome! It falls in the weight range of an alien but has features that make it better. A simplified camera mount, cutouts for the vtx, and a xt60 mount makes this frame clean and easy to use. The arms are independently removable and the nuts that hold the arms on are embedded into the frame making quick swaps a breeze. With that said, I have yet to break an arm after months of abuse. While the arms are 5mm thick, they are very thin, no wider than a littlebee esc which greatly reduces drag. the top plate is 2mm and the bottom is 3mm creating an extremely ridged structure. My favorite feature is the 20mm standoff option. With standard 2204 motors and a 1300 4s lipo, the cg balances exactly at the prop line which makes performance the best it can possibly be. The quad is locked in at all times since the cg doesn't pull the quad in one direction. This also helps the tune of the quad. If you are looking for a weekend race frame or a durable freestyle frame, look no further than the Ares 5 inch.